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The Love of Money.

Mr Sentimoo, the Archfool of York, has decided to support Murdoch by allowing Murdoch to use him on the front page of his latest money machine the ‘Sun on Sunday’. Mr Sentimoo will stop at very little to promote himself … Continue reading

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Two Baptism In the Bible? A Greater Baptism and a Lesser Baptism?

In mark’s gospel he talks about St John the Baptist baptising people with water, ad St John himself speaks about Jesus baptising people with the Holy Spirit.  The distinction in my edition suggests that the baptism of John, with water, … Continue reading

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Results of Saturdays poll on MrC’s hourly tweets. Thank you.

For those who helped me with the survey on Saturday, THANK YOU. Of the 79 who viewed my request 36 of you helped out. Of the 36 who helped out 8 thought that MrCatolick’s hourly tweets  were a nuisance and … Continue reading

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Parishoners come first, except on Fridays.

A long time ago, in the misty region of another life, I remember a new priest, about 28 he was, having served in his parish of a year meeting me and telling me that he really didn’t like the people … Continue reading

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Bad News Travels Furthest.

I am learning a valuable lesson today.  I am writing this on Ash Wednesday.  If your intention is to get loads of people viewing your blog then DON’T POST NICE STORIES.  Today the number of people looking at the happy … Continue reading

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Can you help MrC please? Thank you.

MrC’s quick survey.  It is only ONE QUESTION It’s the weekend and I am taking it a bit easy, but I would appreciate help from those who are tweeters and are regular, or new, readers of this Blog. I have … Continue reading

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Do you live here too?

  I do wonder about clergy and the gay issue.  I was discussing the sexual orientation of a cool cat with a priest the other day and said that I have no problem one way or the other.  Setting aside … Continue reading

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The Modern Village Pump; Who supplies the water?

In the debate at Derby Diocesan Synod the Bishop voted against the proposed ‘Anglican Covenant’ and I note from ‘Thinking Anglicans’ link that the rest of the synod, more or less, followed his lead.  The figures show that the majority … Continue reading

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Balancing the Books, just a little.

I had a good day today, and in the spirit of balance and fairness I am going to share my delight with you.  I know a good priest.  He is an Anglo-Catholic who I feel comfortable with.  He is hard … Continue reading

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What is in a name? Potential for a fight maybe?

It is perhaps time that I was a little more honest with my readers and tell you all that MrC is a Neo-Anglican-Post-Arcic-High Catholic with trasubstatiarory megalomaniac leanings. Ordinands may now be diving for their reference books, the rest of … Continue reading

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