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Censer and Census

Oh sorry day, The lamentable unmentionables of mind ( a local Mental Health Charity)here in northham are to be outed on Friday in the local rag.  Currently they have four disputes against them and the man in charge thinks we … Continue reading

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Values. Publish and ignore?

Values Participation We are a user led organisation which values the contribution of all service users, staff and other stakeholders. We respect difference and are committed to anti-oppressive practice.   This is an extract published on our local MIND website. … Continue reading

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Anglo Catholicks and the Church of England

I have been an Anglo Catholic since the early 1970’s and before that I was mildly Catholic but still learning about Christianity in a village church which was more or less High Church with a slight leaning towards the Catholic approach … Continue reading

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  MrC is managing quite well and long term therapies begin tomorrow.  MIND have been very helpful and  am very grateful for that.  I still have nothing positive from any diocese about worshipping but I have celebrated Mass once this … Continue reading

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‘VICE’Video about FEMEN, Serious Stuff.

‘VICE’Video about FEMEN, Serious Stuff.

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The historic enmity between Syria and Iran is over 1000 years old, and the west gets involved at their own peril. Both islamic ideologies are difficult for the west and indeed for liberal minds to accept. Both are repressive regimes in the … Continue reading

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NHS Clinic

Sat in reception and able to hear every word in one of the consulting rooms! Not very reassuring. Hope I get a room down the corridor. I did and it went well. Mr C

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Still small voice

Beside the darkness that overcame me and grew day by day, Beside the fierceness of the terror that he put into my mind and into my being beside the utter loneliness and abandonment that was mine to taste there was … Continue reading

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Mr Catolick is……..

It is time that I came clean.  I have served six moths in prison of a twelve moth sentence for looking at child pornography at a high level of cruelty and as a priest I have lost my job, my purpose and destroyed the life of both my children … Continue reading

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Wise old owl?

Quite recently I had an opportunity to go to a concert of classical music. I haven’t had the opportunity to do this for quite some time, but a good friend of mine wanted to go along and experience classical music … Continue reading

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