Archbishop to Retire. MrC offers a prayer for the CNC that you can use today.

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So the cross hating Mr Williams has announced his retirement from kowtowing to the more lunatic  Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals of the Church of England.  We all knew he was bankrupt as an archbishop and we already knew he was going to retire in the next twelve months.  The next nail in the Church of England coffin will be delivered by the CNC.  That body of arrogant individuals who will chose the next poor victim of Canterbury.

For the sycophants who will find the above distasteful and disloyal I apologise, but the truth, as I witness it, is that Rowan has demonstrated his very bad temper, reduced the weak to tears, allowed others to manipulate the democratic process and has resorted to legal subterfuge to deprive people of their rights and God of His will.

The man came to us carrying hope for a better future and he has indeed had to weather some of the stormiest times in recent generations, but he has failed abysmally to lead us in the path of Christ.  He may have the beard of a kindly wizard, the voice of a kindly therapist and the demeanour of a saint but he is none of those things, (except the wizard thing, he is a spiritual descendant of Merlin since he officially became a Welsh Druid).  He held the hopes of many and dashed them against the wall of establishment.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the man in many ways and my heart does go out to him, I willed him to be better and I have appropriate respect for him, but he has not been good for us.

The real worry we have now is the process of selecting the next Archbishop.  Sentimoo is not going to go for it as he is not well and is too much of a bullying buffoon to fool the CNC a third time.  It is the CNC itself that we have to pray for.

Here is a prayer you might like to use in your own devotions.

Dear Father,

Help the CNC members to put away their own agendas and let them know that they, and their tribes have had their time.

Help them to listen to people outside of London and not to just give lip service to the northern folk.

Father, we just ask that you show them how to get their secretarial work right and pass on information.

Father, put your protecting power around their photocopier so that documents can be read.

Father, help them to remember more and more that Oxford and Cambridge are not the only universities in England.

Father, help them to show compassion and love, cast out any spot of arrogance and high handedness, and protect them from snobbery and pomposity.

Father, let your Holy spirit come down and work amongst them.  Let them know that you know the secrets of all our hearts and know even the secrets of the CNC.


Bye Bye for now.  MrC

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