John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu sports new look Bishops Vestments

When Mr Sentamu becomes Archbishop of Canterbury he intends to impose new Vestments for all Church of England Bishops.  This is to emphasise and enhance the male testosterone levels required for the post of Bishop for all new candidates.  Advertising Sponsorship will be decided by each diocese.  He is also illustrating the look of aggression that he believes is essential for the post.

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The Cross around the Church’s Neck.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 10:  The Archbishop...

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John Bingham, the Religious Affairs Editor for ‘the Telegraph’, reported on Monday from Rome that

“Dr Rowan Williams said it [the wearing of a cross, crucifix] had become something “which religious people make and hang on to” as a substitute for true faith. He made his comments on the day it emerged that the Government is to argue in the European Court that Christians do not have the “right” to wear a cross as a visible manifestation of faith.  His remarks angered Christian campaigners who accused the Archbishop of failing to stand up for the right of believers to wear crosses.”

If this is the whole story (and it appears now to be a true record) then frustration would be in order.  Rowan has had many opportunities to reveal to the people of England what God is about and he has often retreated into his study and whispered to us from there.  This is not what Christ’s church needs.

I believe that Mr Williams, whilst a remarkable intellectual person, is a dinosaur, when it comes to communicating the faith effectively.  The dry theological intellect that has been the trademark of Mr William’s time as Archbishop of Canterbury is past it’s sell by date and his style and his message really is indigestible.

Mr Williams was given, by God and the Church, an opportunity to lead this country (England) into a better understanding of the nature and the love of God by revealing to us the person of Christ Jesus.  His was an opportunity that brought with it vast possibilities and the promise of a refreshing message that could speak directly to the heart of the people of England.  Instead we have been given stones.

If this Telegraph story is true then I say this.  To forget the true nature of the created world, including the sign of the cross, as worn by millions of faithful people, is to reveal how far Mr Williams has lost his spiritual footing.  His theological nuance and intellectual prowess might be second to none, but his understanding of the nature of man and God is shot to pieces!

Mr Williams has sold the inheritance of the position he holds for a pot of shite.

God made all things and gave them to us to enjoy.  The relationship of God, Man and the whole of creation is more than an intellectual tea-party for theologians to chew on.  God made us and made everything around us, including the silver and gold that we fashion into religious items.  The devotional wearing of the same is not about hanging on to the item itself but it is an outward sign of a truth, that Christ is at the heart of all things, including Mr Williams.

I fully expect to see a naked Mr Williams at his next Mass, having divested himself of the gold and jewels, the fine garments that he wears with their religious symbolism, and I expect him to dish out pieces of air for the Host and pour out flowing nothingness from the invisible cup that will be his chalice.

Mr Williams.  You have nothing to give.  It appears that you have sold it all to feed your mind, and retained the book of the bible simply to cover up your embarrassment.


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British Parliament sends a warning to English Archbishops

MrC predicts fun and games at #synod

MP petition here



Well hello ladies and gentlemen

Ah the joys of winter weather, it looks like synod in England on Monday will slip up on more than the snow.  The inequality debate of synod about women bishops has, no doubt, divided Mr Williams and will undoubtedly cause Mr Sentimoo to again debase synod with his words of anger and ire towards, what he sees as their ‘unbelievable arrogance’.  Mr Sentimoo thinks Synod is arrogant because they have dared to stand against the will of the Archbishops who now want to evade the equality laws of England and divest any future woman Bishop from equality with male Bishops.  Mr Sentimoo bleats about English compromise, whilst wagging his irate finger from the podium of general synod towards the elected members of Synod shouting at them for going against the will of the Archbishops, and that was last year!.

But hello what’s this, the UK government is clearing a path through the snow to rescue the beleaguered and cut of ordinary synod member? Are these the same body of people who would want to disentangle themselves from the Church of England’s management?  Yes, believe it or not the Palace of Westminster are sending out edicts to synod in the form of threats that if the archbishops try to evade their responsibilities over the equality act again, then they will be dumped on from a very high height meaning that they will no longer go along with the Archbishops game of pleading exemption and claiming to be a ‘special case’ the people of England won’t stand for it anymore even if the extremists of synod want it.  The archbishops move to reinforce their old world attitude of inequality for all, women children and gays first, has provoked the Members of parliament to restate the unacceptability of such misogynistic homophobic and irresponsible poppycock that seems to feed the boilers of church house.

On an important side issue, the services of the church to the young are being cut and many a diocesan Bishop accepts this without any difficulty, throwing their hands in the air and saying spending cuts must be made, as they order their new mitres, tuck into their expenses paid meal and rest in their clubs of London.  Aren’t they doing well?

Mr Sentimoo is like a pharaoh of old who has hardened his heart against the Godly notion of equality for women; Mr Blunket is as Moses begging him to let his women go.

The Rev’d Smallwood, a friend of MrC has done a good deal of research on this equality thing and discovered that the equality act of 2010 is clear, “no one should be discriminated against in employment or occupation because of any differences”.

His own work and case study make it plain also that “it is interesting that some clergy want an emasculated type of woman Bishop that they can opt out of, and get a male Bishop instead.”  Such Alice in wonderland logic seems rife in some Anglo Catholic camps, catholic they aren’t, camp they often are.  This divided logic is rife to in the conservative bastion that is known as the Anglican mainstream. A misleading title they adopt, for ‘mainstream’ they most certainly are not.

Mr. Smallwood predicts Parliaments recue bid by stating that “a legal challenge to the block on women bishops could possibly be launched with good chance of success”.

In the end the question is, are women able to be bishops or not, does a Bishop need to be a man?  And once again Mr Smallwood is quite clear that General synod is saying that this is not a requirement whatsoever, it is the Archbishops who are making trouble for women.


So, here’s the rub.  Does the synod govern, or is Sentimoo going to get up and say that they are in fact irrelevant, a sham, a hoax, a load of tripe, as he has pretty much said in the past, and now that he is going, what has he to lose by saying it.  If so and Synod bow to the bully then will it all become very messy as the parliamentarians wade in to give battle, whilst Rowan, who has no stomach for any of this, stands by and tries to capture the consensus in the room.

We shall see.

Bye bye for now.




Mr Sentamu does it to the Gay community.

the video is here


Well hello ladies and gentlemen.

Is Mr Sentimoo going to stay the course or will he be announcing his retirement in the next twelve months?  Keep watching for the answer to this and other important questions.

The Archbishop of York seems to have made up his mind that people who are ‘gay’ are not normal.  Unproductive unions are not the will of God.

Would Mr Sentimoo cast out the barren woman or the man who has had the snip, if they subsequently marry, and are they to be accused of being in an unproductive union simply because they can’t have children?

Mr Sentimoo’s powers of casting out demons seem to be especially strong when it comes to gay people.  Gay marriage is wrong and it also appears that he won’t allow God to consent to a gay man becoming a Church of England Bishop, not on his watch.

Well done Mr Sentimoo, how in touch you are with the people of England and what an image of Christ you have set before them.

Mr Sentimoo’s Christ might go down well in some places, but then so does the death penalty for gays.  This is not what Jesus came to teach us and people who talk in this way are playing a very dangerous game with other people’s lives.

In his crusade against gay people Mr Sentimoo has demonstrated a well documented series of skills that rely on a past world view, it is an outdated world that he lives in, a world that England has moved away from, an undemocratic unaccountable world, the Church of England world.

Some people want Mr Sentimoo to become the next Archbishop of Canterbury when Mr Rowan retires into his books…

The ‘Mr Sentimoo for Canterbury campaign’ is a movement that has support from all who love his undemocratic bullying and his powers of casting out demons from the church.  But they are going to be very disappointed, because it isn’t going to happen.

Mr Sentimoo is worn out and looking he is looking to go.  He is not the young man he once was, his health is failing and he would not have the stamina to fulfil the role.

The recent words of this arch-manipulator have become even less guarded than ever.

Mr Sentimoo’s image is slipping and we are glimpsing his true character.  Mr Sentimoo the reactionary, or perhaps the buffoon, is likely to be what the newspapers report, and he is likely to become more raving because of his decision to go.  He is showing classic signs of gate-fever.

He will be given plaudits, no doubt, in some quarters.  The less discerning media will remember him as a breath of fresh air; for photo shoots.

But Mr Sentimoo’s real legacy will be as a ‘broken reed’ in the hand of Mr Williams, who himself has managed to destroy his own chances of being hailed as a breath of fresh air.

What a different story it would have been had Mr Williams not had to contend with Mr Sentimoo?

Indeed Mr Williams, and the church in general, has lost a great deal through this particular marriage.

Mr Sentimoo may abhor ‘unproductive marriages’ of gay’s, but it is a real pity that we did not prevent the unproductive marriage of Sentimoo and Williams.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of Church House in Westminster, next week.  I will be prowling round the urinals myself and espying the Bishop lovers taking beatings from Sentimoo in the back rooms and loving it.

Bye for now.

Doing a ‘Cleggy’

A report on Church House (London)

Reducing help for children and young people here in the UK.

link to the video here

Betraying the young: or… The Church of England does a ‘Cleggy’


Transcript follows:

Well hello ladies and gentlemen

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and it is no less true when the Church of England decides to imitate a politician.

Mr Clegg is the politician that the church is imitating.  He promised a lot for the youth of this country but he did not keep his promise, he went back on his promise,  he  betrayed the people of England and the young people especially.  From that time anyone betraying children and young people in England today are said to be doing a ‘Cleggy’.

In 2009 the Church proposed a new move which was called ‘Going for Growth’. Going for Growth was portrayed as a way of improving the support of the church to young people and an additional support to the existing work that was done nationally and locally by the national church.  In 2010 the General synod were told about it and they gave it unanimous support.

Work with young people was still going on of course and in 2010, in Sheffield a great gathering of clergy and young people was held and Rowan Williams went there to give his support.  The Archbishop of Canterbury and the other clergy met with the young people, they smiled with the young people and they shook hands with the young people and they ingratiated themselves with the young people.  The young people were listened to and they grew to trust the clergy and believed the promises to do better and to be committed to them, everyone was very pleased and the church boasted about its ability to consult.  Videos were made about their consultation and a great fanfare of tweets and face-booking went on.

But instead of keeping these promises to our young people, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York are presiding over a church that has decided instead to take money away from this work and cut the two most important national posts in youth and children’s work, and they have done this with minimal consultation.

What consultation has gone on you ask. Well in law they have to consult with at least two people, and they have; the youth worker and the children’s worker, by telling them they are out of work come the end of the month.

In 2010 General synod voted for more support for children and young people, not to delete these two key posts.  Synod would not support this betrayal and so it has to be done before Synod meet to stop this dreadful act.  And now we are witnessing a time of concealment.  They don’t want you to discuss it and they don’t want synod to debate it, and they are slipping it through the Board of Education in the break for coffee.

Diocesan workers are up in arms; their own work with children and young people will suffer drastically because of these cuts.  Many are seeking support to stop this dreadful move even appealing to their Diocesan Bishops.  Good luck with that one I say.

Well done church house and well done archbishops.  This imitation of right wing economic policy decisions, the total lack of any meaningful consultation, they show the young people of England your true commitment to them.  You have managed to turn your policy round and reduce the support to the youth of England, not increase it. you have truly done a Cleggy.

Bye bye for now


The Boring Anglican English General Synod at york 2011 initial report.

Well hello ladies and gentlemen, so far the synod here in England has been noticeable by its sameness and its boringness, in fact MrC decided he would pop into the local amusement attraction we English call, York, a quaint and crowded old town in the north of England.  It is amazing how many people from London walk about here with phrasebooks and the like.  In York there is lots to see and many queues to join.  In these days of national austerity and swinging debt recovery it is good to see that the traditional vehicular congestion has not been abandoned and that we can still all afford to go for afternoon tea.

MrC interviewed a number of passers by and asked them what they thought of York University holding the prestigious Church of England general synod again.  Mostly people were perplexed by a cat talking to them but whilst they knew what a cat was they hadn’t got a clue what the Church of England was.  I knew I had hit rock bottom when a dear old lady said, oh yes charlotte church she sings beautifully doesn’t she , pity about her drinking though, she added as she ran off with a sprightly gait and my umbrella, I shouted out to her that charlotte church was welsh, not English but it was too late, she had disappeared into a tea shop, it was at this point that I noticed rowan standing in the queue for betties tea shop avoiding my friendly waves, so I wandered off to the national railway museum which is in York.

All in all business is truly boring here at York University with most reporters valiantly trying to make the sessions sound riveting.  Even the staff have got fed up with the constant boring twittering by Church of England nerds and have now banned tweeting from the public gallery.  Mind you they’ve banned comfy and roomy chairs too, what next? Perhaps they will decide just to switch off the lights and go home.

By by for now.  MrC

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