Moving on…


Well hello everybody,

Time has moved on and so have I and I thought, rather than abandon all my friends here I should ask you what you think I might be able to do that would be helpful.

I enjoyed commenting on the waywardness of Christ’s Church but after a while it becomes repetitive and the wickedness of the prelates will not change just because of a pussy cat.

If you have any ideas then please comment.  I have been busy developing new talents and I could share those here I guess (Art) but I’m not sure if that is the right thing to do.

Say hello, pass this on to your friends who know me and please let me know what you think.

Bye for now.  MrC

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Hiya. any replies? 🙂

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To be touched kindly and with compassion
Caressed with feeling burdened and yet unbound
To be held and cradled by another
Whom you are loved with and contained
Is alive and living and being light.
How this compares with the horrid and dark
The filthy and selfish touch
That you cannot understand but that it is bad
And is going to take so much from you
Is death and destruction and disaster.
So pray that you can live with a kindly touch
And know that this begins at everyone’s hope.

Mr CatOLick

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