Hi to your World. (and the Iowa caucuses)

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I think I’ve got brain overload.  Well leastways that’s how it feels at times, given the strains and stresses that keeping up with blogs, twitters and face-booking demands.  It is a blessing and a curse to blog and stuff because it demands an engagement of the mind that sitting in the pew rarely does.

I find myself looking at life, ordinary things like cooking cleaning TV watching and stuff, and thinking ‘blog!’  My attempt at satire and humour spills over into everything, I say the daftest of things so often now.  Is it like that for you in your chosen blog-persona?

I can’t go to the supermarket without looking at something annoying or peculiar and thinking, “Could I blog that?”   Truly, it is religious experience, communing with the ethereal world of blog, almost sounds like ‘God’ too.  Is this what is meant by the words, ‘communion of saints’?   And now I find myself looking at other cultures, and no I don’t mean the Buddhists of Tibet or the Hindus of India.  I am waking up to the fact that Anglicanism is not just an English thing; it’s all over the place and it isn’t like we get at home!

Last night I couldn’t sleep and so I browsed the net on my phone (WiFi).  I drifted into new territory looking for connections with my new found friends.  Because of you I now know a bit about the Iowa caucuses, I’m somewhat versed in the story of Paul Revere, I feel for the people of New Zealand so much more.  Who knows what is to come, all because I want to know more about the people in twitterland!

So thank you to you all for following MrC, and hi, from me, to your world!

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2 Responses to Hi to your World. (and the Iowa caucuses)

  1. Penny Nash says:

    I am worried about where you learned the story of Paul Revere. If from S Palin, you need to find an alternate source.

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