Syria. Our response.

Before the Second World War, the Spanish Fascist, Franco, waged war on his people, and the world powers watched, unable to help.  Today, the people of Syria appear to be in a similar position, though with different ideologies.  Back in 1936 many people from all over Europe, went to the aid of the Spanish people, including the author of ‘1984’.  In 2012, we seem unable to respond to the terror in Syria against civilians, in the same way.

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2 Responses to Syria. Our response.

  1. Nixon is Lord says:

    You don’t have the same percentage of young men with military training. Also Spain was considered “our business” in a way that Syria isn’t. And people in the 1930s were “into” ideology-we live in a post-ideological age.

    • mrcatolick says:

      I like your first point a lot and your second point is true, but it is a conclusion that I hoped might be drawn by any reader of this piece. The question is, Why are we not responding. you have raised valid points and I thank you for doing that. :-)

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