Mr sentamu Consecrates a Dolphin

Mr Sentamu Consecrates a dolphin

Only later in the day did he learn that it was a lady dolphin, he confesses

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5 Responses to Mr sentamu Consecrates a Dolphin

  1. layanglicana says:

    Oh Mr C, you’re back! (Great joke, by the way!)

  2. Andrew Teal says:

    BRILLIANT _ Love you and your take on things. ;)

  3. Getting back to form I see, Mr C. Good for you.


  4. revpamsmith says:

    As long as he doesn’t make it the Arch Fishop of Canterbury!

    Yes, yes, I know a dolphin is a mammal, but terrible jokes don’t have to make sense! :-)

  5. Erika Baker says:

    LOVE Pam’s comment!
    Brilliant post – Kitty Cat back on full form, it’s SO good to see that!

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