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‘Gandhi is going to Hell’

An excellent clip of about 10 minutes duration courtesy of Russell Brand.  Subscribe to his Youtube channel if you appreciate this.  

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Touching the hem of Christ’s Vestments.

MrC’s comments of ‘SAFEGUARDING: FOLLOW-UP TO THE CHICHESTER COMMISSARIES’ REPORTS FOREWORD BY THE ARCHBISHOPS OF CANTERBURY AND YORK’ Tomorrow there will be a discussion concerning the safeguarding procedures in relation to the abuse of children and vulnerable adults as it … Continue reading

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The cat napping on the Fence.

‘ENCYCLICAL LETTER LUMEN FIDEI, ON FAITH’ MrC  has a bit of a funny position in the great scheme of things, balancing on the edge of Catholicism and liberalism and extremists on both sides take pot shots at the cat on … Continue reading

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Those who are of Riper Years….. and LGBT’s

I’m sorry but I can’t find my copy of the old book of Common Prayer, but I remember bits pretty well and it is still canonical. In it I recall a wedding service variation for ‘those who are of riper … Continue reading

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A warm welcome… at last…

Hooray.  I have found myself accepted in a small group run by MIND.  There is something quite wonderful in finding the oppeness and truy non-judgemental attitude in other people.  I have experienced it online, with my dear friends and now … Continue reading

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Waiting to die or to be raised? From Good Friday to Easter to Good Friday.

Waiting to die or to be raised? Living in isolation, more or less, is particularly hard if memories of a previous time of abundant social contact, and happy contact often, become a constant reminder of the contrast in what was … Continue reading

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Nothing Funny Just a picture for my friends, warts and all.

Nothing funny to say tonight but simply to say a massively huge thank you to all of you who have been and are being supportive spiritually and in friendship to me.  I am deeply moved and thank God that I … Continue reading

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