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Hope for Unity from Rome to Lambeth

It has been reported in the Tablet this week that new proposals are being put forward By the Roman Church to the Anglican Communion generally and the Church of England specifically which are a radical departure from earlier attempts to … Continue reading

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I Have Sinned

  I wonder how many of us have decided to go to confession as part of our preparation for Easter.  It is a good thing that works wonders for many of us, maybe it can help everyone. There is something … Continue reading

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What is in a name? Potential for a fight maybe?

It is perhaps time that I was a little more honest with my readers and tell you all that MrC is a Neo-Anglican-Post-Arcic-High Catholic with trasubstatiarory megalomaniac leanings. Ordinands may now be diving for their reference books, the rest of … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania, Zimbabwe and Christ. You and Me too. Mtt’ 18:21-35

The sad truth is that the history of our church, of our religion, is strewn with upset and falling’s out, and you may have noticed that this is the way of all religions. I have been reading a little about … Continue reading

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Christianity in England: How the other third worship.

Recently, MrC has been experiencing Christianity here in England from a  less familiar place; namely, Christianity as promoted by the Roman Church.  I felt a bit uncomfortable at the Mass though, as I seemed to be crossing myself more often … Continue reading

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Who do you reject?

Who do you reject? Let’s nail this one (sorry for the allusion) but fundamentally, who do YOU reject?  By reject I mean, not let into your church, not allow to worship next to you?  With whom do you feel uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Roman Catholic reception of Pope’s debut as Twitterer

Pope Benedict XVI has tweeted for the first time, announcing the launch of a Vatican news information portal. Ladies, get ready, were in for a real tweet today! Related articles Pope tweets for the first time (thegreatone22.wordpress.com)

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