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‘Gandhi is going to Hell’

An excellent clip of about 10 minutes duration courtesy of Russell Brand.  Subscribe to his Youtube channel if you appreciate this.  

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Anglo Catholicks and the Church of England

I have been an Anglo Catholic since the early 1970’s and before that I was mildly Catholic but still learning about Christianity in a village church which was more or less High Church with a slight leaning towards the Catholic approach … Continue reading

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The cat napping on the Fence.

‘ENCYCLICAL LETTER LUMEN FIDEI, ON FAITH’ MrC  has a bit of a funny position in the great scheme of things, balancing on the edge of Catholicism and liberalism and extremists on both sides take pot shots at the cat on … Continue reading

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Historic Abuse

Still…. I am a screaming child. I am alone and in a darkness that dismantles the summer sunshine. I am afraid. I am terrified; his threats form raining thunderclouds in my head I am alone; away from my family. I … Continue reading

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A warm welcome… at last…

Hooray.  I have found myself accepted in a small group run by MIND.  There is something quite wonderful in finding the oppeness and truy non-judgemental attitude in other people.  I have experienced it online, with my dear friends and now … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the excrement in Jerusalem in the time of ‘Our Lord’?

  The Romans were very advanced in their dealing with the effluence of humanity and presumably in the time of Pontius Pilate the Roman’s, at least had adequate sanitation.  But what of the excrement of the generic population? Sure, many … Continue reading

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Noah, The Koala and Fundamentalist Evangelicalism

To what extent is evangelistic ‘Christianity’ allied to the literal interpretation of the writings of the Bible?  The abandonment of reason in favour of rejection of science in order to adhere to literal interpretation is worrying.  Koalas and Kangaroos are … Continue reading

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