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‘Gandhi is going to Hell’

An excellent clip of about 10 minutes duration courtesy of Russell Brand.  Subscribe to his Youtube channel if you appreciate this.  

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Touching the hem of Christ’s Vestments.

MrC’s comments of ‘SAFEGUARDING: FOLLOW-UP TO THE CHICHESTER COMMISSARIES’ REPORTS FOREWORD BY THE ARCHBISHOPS OF CANTERBURY AND YORK’ Tomorrow there will be a discussion concerning the safeguarding procedures in relation to the abuse of children and vulnerable adults as it … Continue reading

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The cat napping on the Fence.

‘ENCYCLICAL LETTER LUMEN FIDEI, ON FAITH’ MrC  has a bit of a funny position in the great scheme of things, balancing on the edge of Catholicism and liberalism and extremists on both sides take pot shots at the cat on … Continue reading

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Mr C’s Christmas Surprise (or more accurately Epiphany.)

WATCH VIDEO VIDEO HERE Script….. In the ancient manuscript of the Peshitta there is an extensive account of the fourth wise man, and more, which the Church has suppressed. The ancient Syrian document tells of the start of their journey … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the excrement in Jerusalem in the time of ‘Our Lord’?

  The Romans were very advanced in their dealing with the effluence of humanity and presumably in the time of Pontius Pilate the Roman’s, at least had adequate sanitation.  But what of the excrement of the generic population? Sure, many … Continue reading

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Challenge to you. Explain Christianity.

Why should anyone be a Christian? What is the basic message that you would put to someone enquiring about the Christian Faith? What are the essential pieces of information that one needs to convey the Christian faith? Or is it … Continue reading

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The Church needs to Change

If the church is to survive as a purposeful and positive factor in people’s lives then it is going to have to change radically.  The superstition and sectarianism that it has depended upon for generations must come to an end … Continue reading

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