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Parishoners come first, except on Fridays.

A long time ago, in the misty region of another life, I remember a new priest, about 28 he was, having served in his parish of a year meeting me and telling me that he really didn’t like the people … Continue reading

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Do you live here too?

  I do wonder about clergy and the gay issue.  I was discussing the sexual orientation of a cool cat with a priest the other day and said that I have no problem one way or the other.  Setting aside … Continue reading

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Balancing the Books, just a little.

I had a good day today, and in the spirit of balance and fairness I am going to share my delight with you.  I know a good priest.  He is an Anglo-Catholic who I feel comfortable with.  He is hard … Continue reading

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Tainted love

Whatever happened to the ‘tainted clergy’?  In the old days, if you were in any way a supporter of women as priests in the Church of England, you could find yourself in a very difficult situation, especially if you lived … Continue reading

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Chapter Lament

Mr C offers a lament for all clergy who endure Chapter meetings and mad clergy who believe they have got the truth and that the rest of us are playing ‘catchup’. :-) “we’re all going to heaven lads”

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