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‘Gandhi is going to Hell’

An excellent clip of about 10 minutes duration courtesy of Russell Brand.  Subscribe to his Youtube channel if you appreciate this.  

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Historic Abuse

Still…. I am a screaming child. I am alone and in a darkness that dismantles the summer sunshine. I am afraid. I am terrified; his threats form raining thunderclouds in my head I am alone; away from my family. I … Continue reading

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Challenge to you. Explain Christianity.

Why should anyone be a Christian? What is the basic message that you would put to someone enquiring about the Christian Faith? What are the essential pieces of information that one needs to convey the Christian faith? Or is it … Continue reading

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The Church needs to Change

If the church is to survive as a purposeful and positive factor in people’s lives then it is going to have to change radically.  The superstition and sectarianism that it has depended upon for generations must come to an end … Continue reading

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Moving on……

Faithful followers of this blog know that MrC has poked fun at a lot of people and occasionally pointed out some really bad behaviour by others.  I am not without sin either and it is not a perfect blog by … Continue reading

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Hermits R Us.

I don’t know a lot about hermits, but I suspect that I have something in common with them, at least at times. From time to time I need to withdraw from society and attempt to be more attuned to the … Continue reading

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Parishoners come first, except on Fridays.

A long time ago, in the misty region of another life, I remember a new priest, about 28 he was, having served in his parish of a year meeting me and telling me that he really didn’t like the people … Continue reading

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