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The Modern Village Pump; Who supplies the water?

In the debate at Derby Diocesan Synod the Bishop voted against the proposed ‘Anglican Covenant’ and I note from ‘Thinking Anglicans’ link that the rest of the synod, more or less, followed his lead.  The figures show that the majority … Continue reading

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Getting on with it.

Recently I have been tweeting some stuff that might be confusing to regular MrC followers.  The move in the chamber at General Synod last week to get on with the consecration of women as Bishops was a significant one indeed.  … Continue reading

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Mr Sentamu does it to the Gay community.

the video is here enjoy Well hello ladies and gentlemen. Is Mr Sentimoo going to stay the course or will he be announcing his retirement in the next twelve months?  Keep watching for the answer to this and other important … Continue reading

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Run up to the Anglican General Synod in England; York 2011, a rant!

It is so strange, this Christianity business, after all it is based on a guy who, for the most part, seems to have been in the thick of controversy to the point of His own execution.  I look at the … Continue reading

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Chapter Lament

Mr C offers a lament for all clergy who endure Chapter meetings and mad clergy who believe they have got the truth and that the rest of us are playing ‘catchup’. :-) “we’re all going to heaven lads”

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From Lambeth, to the Pope

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From a Primate about a Primate.

          From a youtube video spoken by Mike Higton of St John’s Nottingham http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaOXtJVPk7A

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